CEO Fantagio ditangkap atas dugaan pembiayaan / penipuan ilegal, pernyataan Fantagio dirilis

Fantagio’s CEO was reportedly recently arrested in China on charges of illegal financing and fraud, which come with potential punishments of life in prison. This obviously is a concern for artists under the company, though they are doing damage control at the moment.

Oke, jadi jika Anda belum mengikuti drama Fantagio, pada dasarnya ada perang saudara untuk mengendalikan perusahaan dan kelompok investasi Cina memasang orang mereka sebagai CEO.

Sebelumnya, grup investasi Cina cabang JC Group Korea Gold Finance Korea menjadi pemegang saham terbesar Fantagio pada Oktober 2017. Pada Desember 2017, JC Group memecat co-CEO Fantagio Na Byung Jun, dan mantan co-CEO Wei Jie dari JC Group menjadi CEO tunggal dari agen.

Baru-baru ini dilaporkan bahwa CEO yang bernama ditangkap di Cina karena pembiayaan ilegal dan penipuan.

According to several Chinese media outlets on April 29, Hangzhou’s public security bureau arrested Wei Jie and more than 30 high-ranking officials on the suspicion of JC Group illegally obtaining funds by using a public-private partnership (PPP) project propelled by the Chinese provincial government to modernize the countryside.
JC Group reportedly served as an intermediary between local governments seeking to develop the local economy and individual investors seeking profits, as the company pushed for development projects to build 59 “special villages” in different regions across the country, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hunan. Majority of these were actually PPP projects jointly pursued with local governments, and JC Group actively used them to bring in a large number of funds.
Wei Jie was eventually arrested by the public security bureau and JC Group’s business was suspended, leading to the company’s bankruptcy. In China, financial fraud, such as illegal financing, is a felony that can result in a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Sebagai tanggapan, JC Group pada dasarnya menyatakan bahwa perusahaan Korea dan Cina terpisah.

Hello, this is Fantagio.
We are here to inform you of our official position regarding inquiries we’ve received today.
The company has confirmed that CEO Wei Jie is currently being investigated in China, so the investigative results have not been released yet.
Fantagio has operated under a professional management since last year, and all of its employees and artists are actively working without any administrative or business-related absences.
Additionally, we are maintaining a stable financial position and continuing to unsparingly invest in and support our artists.
Fantagio’s management values all of the artists and employees under Fantagio and Fantagio Music.
Please, we request that you refrain from posting speculative articles for those who care for Fantagio and its artists.
Thank you.

Weki Meki akan kembali dalam empat hari.

Mereka dapat mengatakan apa yang mereka inginkan tentang cabang-cabang Cina dan Korea yang dioperasikan secara terpisah, tetapi harus dilihat sebagai perhatian utama dalam hal masa depan para seniman di bawah kontrak.

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