Kang Sung Hoon (ex-SECHSKIES) menyebut idola saat ini 'sialan jelek', diduga mengadakan kontes kecantikan penggemar

Following his scandal with a fansite that led to him being booted from SECHSKIES, it has recently emerged in a video that Kang Sung Hoon was also talking shit about his junior idols to his fans.

Basically, he talks about how idols are ugly nowadays, and he specifically disses BTOB.

Dia pikir berhala akhir-akhir ini benar-benar jelek, mengatakan, “Hei, tapi kamu tahu? Baru-baru ini idola terlihat sangat jelek. Ketika saya melihat mereka di salon, mereka sangat jelek. Kulit mereka sangat kotor. Mereka sangat jelek, sungguh. Mengapa mereka begitu jelek? "Seorang penggemar bertanya kepadanya siapa yang dia maksud, tetapi Kang Sunghoon hanya memberikan jawaban umum," Bagaimana saya bisa menunjukkan orang tertentu. Tidak ada satu pun idola tampan sejak TVXQ. ”Seorang penggemar yang berbeda bertanya kepadanya tentang BTOB, yang Kang Sunghoon dan para penggemar lihat di beberapa titik sebelum rekaman video (pada tanggal dan waktu yang tidak diketahui), dan dia menjawab , "Bagaimana saya bisa mengatakan itu mereka sekarang? Tapi mereka benar-benar jelek. Jika saya membuat [kelompok] saya akan melihat wajah mereka dan kemudian memilih [anggota]. Bukankah selebritis setidaknya harus terlihat bagus? Kulit mereka harus baik dan mereka membutuhkan aura di sekitar mereka. “

Following this video being revealed, his appearance on ‘Video Star’ was brought back, as he talked about ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.

On a 2018 January episode of Video Star, actress Park So Hyun was asked who the “face genius” was between Cha Eunwoo and her good friend, Kang Sunghoon. Park So Hyun ended up choosing her friend, Kang Sunghoon, as the “original face genius” but when the other hosts were talking about how handsome Cha Eunwoo was, Kang Sunghoon chimed in, “I can’t really tell,” with a blank expression.

Furthermore, a former member of his fanclub has levied allegations that he would hold competitions between fans like a beauty pageant aimed at finding those who match his ideal type.

On an online forum, a former member of ILYSH – which is the name of Kang Sunghoon’s personal fan club created shortly after the disbandment of SECHS KIES and later turned into Hoony World – shared that Kang Sunghoon would host “fan club summer camps” where he then held beauty pageant type competitions to find “Miss ILYSH”.
The former fan continued to expose that this “Miss ILYSH” would be crowned to a female fan who best represented Kang Sunghoon’s ideal type of woman, saying, “I felt like Kang Sunghoon’s fans are still somewhat loyal to him because no one has exposed this yet.” According to this post, the “Miss ILYSH” competition even had preliminary to final “rounds” and fans from all over the country had to compete amongst each other to become the winner – like an actual beauty pageant. The post explained that for each round, Kang Sunghoon would reveal his preference, such as a certain height, a certain weight, or a certain trait, and the contestants who did not fit the description would be eliminated. The fan herself participated, saying, “I remember the whole thing really well because I participated in the contest too. It was a shameful moment when I was on stage and being evaluated for my looks.” This former fan shared that eventually a beautiful female ended up being crowned Miss ILYSH and received winning prizes of a few extra points for the “summer camp score board” along with perks like “a picture with Kang Sunghoon” and “the honor of shaking Kang Sunghoon’s hand”.

The fact that he’s now reportedly in a common-law marriage with one of his fansite’s admins certainly adds an additional element of grossness to that story.

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